Olli Geibel is a versatile photographer, based in London, UK. He has more than ten years experience in digital media production and workflow working with video, still images and sound.
He is currently freelancing and working for commissions and travels extensively pursuing various, long-term project on social and environment issues.

His photography aims to capture the moment, the essence of what he sees before his eyes. It is a record making  in time of what is happening in society and the environment that we live in; a record of a situation, event, place or people freezing the moment in time forever. If seeing that frozen moment could raise curiosity or put smile on the viewers face, he feels satisfied.

Photography takes him to most obscure and far flung places of this planet, where he finds unusual stories and people, with whom he spends time in order get under the skin of a story. These places could be in the desert of Inner Mongolia or in the jungles of East London.

For him, photography is a far cry from studio work or elaborate setups. His style has often been described as reportage, or street style with emphasis on the ‘single image’, where one image is able to describe the whole story. He finds images, which combine entertainment and reportage in a seamless mixture, inspirational, and strive to deliver images that meet this notion.


Specialised areas:
event photography, water resources, social issues, transportation, dragon boat racing, far east

Currently based in Beijing:

For rates, bookings and any other inquiries, please contact me on the below number(s):

tel: +86 158 0101 1841 (China)
tel/fax: +44 (0)7092 255 887 (UK)
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+86 158 0101 1841 (China)   +44(0)7092 255 887 (UK)